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October 31, 2010


Symphony of Wellness:
How Nitric Oxide Can Help You Orchestrate Your Health
Perry Chinn
Aviva Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781935586210

New Book Reveals How Nitric Oxide Benefits Health, Including Heart and Circulation

Perry Chinn, D.C., has written “Symphony of Wellness” after years as a chiropractor helping people to acquire wellness in their own lives. At age fifty, he has also experienced high blood pressure, which concerned him since it can prohibit his enjoyment of flying helicopters and giving helicopter instruction.

When Dr. Chinn heard about nitric oxide’s benefits, he immediately became intrigued by how it worked and how it might offer relief to many people with health conditions—one benefit is that it can help to lower blood pressure. When Dr. Chinn started using a nitric oxide, also known as L-arginine supplement (L-arginine is the key ingredient), he immediately experienced the benefits of lower blood pressure. Dr. Chinn was so impressed and enthusiastic about nitric oxide’s benefits that he became involved in forming a company, Unisal Wellness, to manufacture a nitric oxide supplement named Acctrix (

As Dr. Chinn explains, using nitric oxide has many benefits, including the potential to save or relieve millions of people suffering from circulation and heart disorders. The use of nitric oxide is based in the 1998 Nobel Prize winning work of Drs. Ignarro, Furchgott, and Murad who first researched and explored its benefits. While the body naturally produces nitric oxide, taking a high quality L-arginine supplement can help enhance one’s health, significantly boosting the body’s healing capacity, which too often today, is retarded due to stress, poor nutrition, and the toxicity of prescription drugs. As Dr. Chinn states, “Stress depletes our natural levels of nitric oxide in the body—stress interferes with our body’s ability to heal.” By comparison, nitric oxide enhances the body’s immune functions, and an L-arginine supplement helps the body in its cellular production of nitric oxide.

Little has been heard about nitric oxide’s benefits until now because, unfortunately, science often goes where the money leads—in this case, nitric oxide was first used for male enhancement drugs. However, Dr. Chinn explains that properly balanced supplements, such as Acctrix, can help people return blood pressure levels to normal. The key is in the balance of nutrients, as Dr. Chinn knows from taking Acctrix himself; in fact, he acted as one of the guinea pigs during the product’s testing to see how changing the ingredient portions would affect him and others until the product reached the optimal balance to benefit its recipients. For someone who likes to fly in helicopters and can’t risk high blood pressure, the results have been exactly what the doctor ordered.

In addition, while nitric oxide is naturally produced in our bodies, it is difficult for us to increase its levels through eating nutritious foods (although eating foods of low nutritional value can retard our body’s production of it). Unfortunately, the most common L-arginine rich foods also tend to be high in fat and cholesterol (foods like red meat and shellfish). A better solution then is to take an L-arginine supplement like Acctrix.

While Dr. Chinn does have a vested interest in promoting his product, he also writes with common sense and a concern for others. As a chiropractor, he has witnessed patients with heart problems fail to seek or find the necessary treatment. He has also watched patients, as well as several of his own relatives, suffer the consequences of poor nutrition, including fast food and soda—I almost wrote “too much” fast food and soda, but Dr. Chinn makes it clear that even one dose of either can have debilitating effects on our health. Besides his common sense advice on nutrition and exercise, he also discusses the importance of deeper breathing to allow oxygen into our bodies, something we seldom do in our high stress environments.

One point Dr. Chinn makes that is of incalculable value is the importance of paying attention to our body symptoms. He mentions how people immediately see symptoms as something to suppress when in actuality, they are signs of deeper problems that need to be addressed. In describing the creation of Acctrix, Dr. Chinn notes his own experience with people’s concerns over symptoms:

While preparing for Acctrix’s release, we at Unisal Wellness were receiving input from product users with a wide range of questions. “Why is my skin turning red?” Return of circulation. “Why is my nose stuffy?” Functioning immune response. As their bodies experienced a dramatic increase in circulation, they began to return to a more normal way of symptom expression. We are used to suppressing symptoms. If our nose runs, we take a drug to suppress the drainage. If we have a headache, we take another drug to get rid of this message from our body.

“Symphony of Wellness” is a great way for people interested in attaining better health to begin understanding how their bodies function and the basics to improving their health. Dr. Chinn’s discussion of nitric oxide, the first time this health factor has come to my attention, alone makes this book worth reading. It can be the start of bringing your health back into tune.

For more information about “Symphony of Wellness” and Dr. Perry Chinn, visit and

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of the award-winning “Narrow Lives”

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