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November 16, 2009


Saving ‘Generation Next’
In the Beginning…there was wellness, Volume 1
Debi Waldeck
Aviva Publishing (2009)
ISBN: 9781890427511

Hope for Future Generations Through Health Awareness

Debi Waldeck is an author after my own heart. Like me, she set out to write one book, but she found so much information she had to break it into three volumes, and even then, each book in her new In the Beginning…there was wellness series is so packed with information to help you improve your health, finances, and overall well-being that you will want to go back and read it again and again.

In Saving ‘Generation Next’, the first book in the series, Debi Waldeck is up front in telling us her personal story. She is not a doctor, scientist, or health expert in the traditional and professional sense. She is a woman who has suffered with health problems and watched her children suffer likewise, so she went searching for answers. The information she found made her question the media, doctors, and the advertisements constantly blasted at us by pharmaceutical companies. Debi decided it was time to get to the bottom of the health crisis affecting her family and millions of others, and now she is sharing her research findings with the world in this phenomenal new series.

In early adulthood, Debi was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. She was given medication that was not supposed to affect women or their children during pregnancy. She became pregnant soon after. While she cannot prove the medication did affect her child, that medication is no longer given to pregnant women, and Debi’s son was born with numerous health problems. During her pregnancy, the doctors told Debi she would have to abort her son because of medical complications. Instead, she listened to her inner wisdom that told her she would have a healthy child. Even when her son was born with several health issues, she did not give up but began her journey to make him and later his sister, healthy again. Through many tests and experiments she has led her family to healthy eating, and her stories will inspire the reader to do the same.

One of the most interesting personal examples Debi provided was of her son’s reaction to peanut butter. When she went to her son’s school, she saw he had a dazed look and barely acknowledged she was there. She had sent him to school with hummus and pita bread, but when she asked the teacher what he had eaten for lunch, she was told some of the mothers had catered a special lunch that day, and it included peanut butter. This event happened in the days before it was discovered how many people had peanut allergies. Debi experimented by having her son write his name on a piece of paper. She then gave him a dose of peanut butter and had him write his name again—the contrast was unbelievable—the second version of her son’s name was crooked and scribbled. It was through such experiments, many more severe but just as telling, that Debi Waldeck has explored the body’s reaction to specific foods.

Throughout this first book, Saving ‘Generation Next’, Debi Waldeck reveals many mistakes made by modern food processing and current ideas on childbirth and child-raising that have resulted in illness for millions of people. Most importantly, because the majority of children born since World War II were not breastfed, they failed to receive natural inoculation of probiotics from their mothers. As adults, these children, and now their children and grandchildren, have likewise failed to breastfeed their babies. Consequently, many infants now have health issues at birth, even needing stomach antacids because they do not have the bacteria required so their systems can fight illness. Children’s intestinal walls are weak and need the natural inoculation provided when they are breastfed so their intestinal systems can strengthen. No wonder so many people today have serious and chronic stomach issues. Waldeck includes a great deal more information about how to reverse this situation in her goal to save “Generation Next” before it is born.

Debi Waldeck consistently backs up her information with scientific findings. She has an impressive number of resources that she quotes from throughout all her books, and especially this first one. She has read numerous magazines and books and talked to experts on health, nutrition, biology, and how the body in general processes food. No one can doubt Debi Waldeck has done her homework, and she gets an A+ not only for doing the work, but the conclusions she has found. Like all good overachievers, this book was not enough. The only thing that will prevent readers from wanting to read it again immediately is the desire to see what she says in the next two volumes of this phenomenal series, one of the strongest Health and Wellness series of recent years. Two thumbs up for In the Beginning…there was wellness!It will change not only how you think about your body, but it will change your relationship with yourself.

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— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of the award-winning Narrow Lives


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