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March 29, 2010


Revolutionizing Your Health:
Getting Beyond the Programming of Big Medicine
Dr. Marvin Kunikiyo
Aviva Publishing (2010)
ISBN:  9781935586067

New Book Advocates a Healthier, Happier You Through Self-Education

In “Revolutionizing Your Health,” Dr. Marvin Kunikiyo, a professional chiropractor and long-time student of what propels or holds back the body from its optimal well-being, reveals the problems with today’s medical establishment and healthcare, and he educates readers toward self-responsibility for their own healthcare by explaining how our bodies work and (often simple) steps we can take to return our bodies to the state of health they were naturally intended to enjoy.

Dr. Kunikiyo takes readers on a journey through the history of healthcare, a journey through their own bodies, and his own personal journey as a child who suffered from asthma, a young man who experienced the benefits of chiropractic care which inspired him to become a chiropractor himself, and as a professional in the healthcare field who cares about his patients. Dr. Kunikiyo has written “Revolutionizing Your Health” to highlight what he has learned from years of reading and chiropractic practice, and because he felt this book would be the best means to spread his message to a wider audience. It is at times an alarming message when he details what is wrong with the current healthcare system, but it is also an informative message, and ultimately an inspiring and empowering one—a message that says we are capable of caring for our own bodies and bringing them to a level of radiant health by taking basic natural and common sense care of them.

“Revolutionizing Your Health” is divided into two sections, “Getting Beyond the Programming of Big Medicine” and “A Blueprint for Radiant Health and Wellness.” In the first section, Dr. Kunikiyo explores everything from the causes of disease and various ailments, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and remedies for them—natural remedies that are not medications. Believe it or not, the most amazing of these remedies is simply water—which makes perfect sense when you consider our bodies are mostly made up of water. Through research, Dr. Kunikiyo shows that many of our ailments are directly related to dehydration. He also explores the role of water versus other beverages in hydrating or dehydrating our bodies, and how water affects our acidity levels. Most importantly, he reveals what the Japanese long ago discovered—the power of ionized water to maximize the body’s well-being, why ionized water is able to heal the body, and how readily available this wonderful natural solution is to everyone.

In “A Blueprint for Radiant Health and Wellness,” all the information from the first section is built upon and then a new blueprint is provided for how to live a healthy and happy life. Dr. Kunikiyo gives specifics on diet and nutrition, not only telling us what we should eat but providing explanations for why whole foods are better for us, why salt is actually good for us, the effects of sugar and caffeine on our bodies, and much, much more. He explores the value of chiropractic care, highlighting that it is far more than a cure for back pain, but that it helps to heal the body’s nervous system to reduce not just pain but its causes, and finally, he discusses how exercise helps the body to deal with stress.

So much more is covered in the pages of “Revolutionizing Your Health.” What is perhaps most amazing is that this book is relatively short—but that is because Dr. Kunikiyo writes in a language without large medical terms that the everyday reader can understand, and he always gets straight to the point. Readers will find this book an invaluable reference guide to turn back to again and again for any of a variety of topics from understanding oils and fats, to carbohydrates, blood pressure, and how to overcome asthma and allergies.

Perhaps most remarkable is the chapter on vaccinations. Our country recently has been brainwashed into believing we need vaccines for a variety of “epidemics” and flu-strains, which have turned out to be far less deadly than predicted. Do vaccines really help to stop disease, and who really benefits from promoting them? Dr. Kunikiyo enlightens us about how vaccinations first started, and he provides numerous statistics to reflect their role in often making the spread of viruses (and disease in general) much worse.

“Revolutionizing Your Health” is a fascinating and at times almost unbelievable look into the flaws of Big Medicine, and why you need to know about and take care of your own body and its health. Let Dr. Kunikiyo take you on a journey to explore the healing properties of water, what creates and what relieves stress in your body, how to choose the best foods to eat, and ultimately, how to redeem and enjoy the optimal health your body was born to provide. After years of blindly listening to doctors, it’s time to revolutionize your health. This book will help you to make that revolution a reality.

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— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., author of the award-winning Narrow Lives

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