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March 21, 2012

For the Fit Mind and Body
Sandi Berger
Aviva Publishing (2012)
ISBN: 9781935586579

New Book Offers Creative Vision for Fitness, Life, and Happiness

FITNEVISION: For the Fit Mind and Body by Sandi BergerSandi Berger, longtime fitness coach and owner of Life by Design Fitness, has a Fitnevision—a vision for being fit—and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Sandi has written this book to inspire others to get their own fitnevisions, which includes not only envisioning having a healthy body but also a healthy, happy mind.

FITNEVISION: For the Fit Mind and Body is not your everyday exercise book. It’s not about your abs or how many reps you can do, although it might inspire you to focus on those things. Nor is it another self-help book about positive thinking. It’s a practical blend of all that and more; it’s a book of inspiration and exercises that will help you to create a fitnevision for yourself so you can envision what you want, see yourself succeeding, and take action to obtain it.

Sandi takes the reader step-by-step through the fitnevision process. She writes short easy-to-read chapters that she advocates reading slowly, perhaps the same chapter repeatedly for several days before moving on to the next. She wants her readers not to mark off one more book they have read but to create a real vision that will change their lives. Chapters include: Creating Your Emotional Toolbox, Fake It and Watch Yourself Make It, One Choice Away from a Fabulous Life, F.E.A.R. and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, Getting in Touch with Your Disowned Self, and Falling in Love with You.

Processes are offered throughout the book to encourage deeper thought and action. Beyond simply stressing the importance of exercise, Sandi is a big advocate of envisioning what you want and creating vision boards as constant reminders to keep your vision fresh in your mind and make it come true. She also values the journaling process and offers places in the book to explore your thoughts by writing on the different topics.

A truly creative innovator for formulating visions, Sandi realizes that any visual reminder can inspire you to achieve your fitnevision goals. For example, I love how she created a vision exercise mat for herself. She is also great at coining new and meaningful words; besides “fitnevision,” she also coined “blissipline”—a word I’ve now added to my vocabulary as a great reminder that discipline is not a strict and hard thing, but a way to bring about our bliss; for example, it might be difficult to discipline ourselves to exercise every day, or to change the negative way we talk to ourselves, but in the end, we will reap the rewards of such discipline.

Sandi understands how our thoughts affect our lives and our happiness. As an example of her advice and her positive energy, here are a couple of passages from her book:

Your mind is like your very own Aladdin’s Lamp. Every time you challenge your mind with a commanding thought and vision, you are commanding a wish or a vision of what you want to see happen in your life. Awareness and consistency will make those visions come true. You will create the exact characters within you to fulfill your thoughts and visions.


If you are in a job you don’t like, or you feel stuck in a body you’re not happy with—change it. If you are in a relationship that is giving you more pain than joy—leave it. Or try changing the way you look at those areas of your life, and you may be surprised by how those situations will change. Either way, life is way too short for you to be living a miserable existence. Start your journey toward living life to its fullest by showing loads of gratitude, emotion, and appreciation for everything around you. Search for the good even in the things that make you unhappy. If you have a job you dislike, feel gratitude that it provides you with an income until you find a job you can be passionate about. Life truly is precious and can be taken from us in a ‘nano’ second. Every day we live on this planet that we do not experience a passion for living, we are stopping up our creative juices and losing our zest for life. That leaves us not living but being like the living dead, like zombies just going through the motions.

I greatly admire Sandi for her high energy and her positive attitude. As a sort of extra bonus, she has several chapters about her own life and how she overcame obstacles including what she calls her own personal “Great Depression of 1975.” These chapters made me realize she practices what she preaches, and I better understood the journey that has led her to being such a positive role model to others.

Although I’ve never met Sandi in person, her inspirational personality comes through loud and clear in this book. If anyone can inspire you to live life to its fullest and help you to create your own Fitnevision, then it’s Sandi Berger. Reading this book can change your life if you are willing to commit to the blissipline required. After reading FITNEVISION, I am ready to embark on creating my own Fitnevision for my future!”

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— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of the award-winning “Narrow Lives”

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