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August 13, 2010


Enhancing Your Life Now:
Four Basic Principles to Achieving Wellness
Dr. Jeudi Boulom
Aviva Publishing (2010)
ISBN: 9781935586135

Hard Facts and a Caring Heart Make New Healthcare Book a Must Read

Dr. Jeudi Boulom has learned the hard way the value and joy of having good health. After she and her family escaped suffering at the hands of the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia, they made their way to the United States where they built a new life. From a country where she experienced hunger and malnutrition, Dr. Jeudi suddenly experienced American abundance and had to maneuver her way from filling her body with junk food to choosing healthy eating habits for herself and her family. That need for good nutrition was enhanced when her son became extremely ill; finding that the doctors were able to do little for him to keep him from having seizures, Dr. Jeudi researched and changed his diet so that today he can live a fairly normal life. As a successful chiropractor, Dr. Jeudi has continued to research wellness and the four key investment principles she provides in this book to creating a healthy life.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Jeudi has not only taught her patients about the value of maintaining good spinal care, but how accompanying regular chiropractic treatments with good nutrition and exercise can prevent health problems and allow people to live life to the fullest. Because her patients have so appreciated her caring and sharing of information, she has now written “Enhancing Your Life Now” to share her vision of a future healthy America with readers everywhere, a vision that can be achieved on an individual level with simple and fulfilling changes.

“Enhancing Your Life Now” will enhance your knowledge tenfold. Some of this information you may not want to hear, such as how your microwave is breaking down molecules in your food and thereby releasing toxins into your body, or about how the fumes in your home may be causing you to be sick. Other parts of the book, however, will make you ready to go out and buy more fruits and vegetables, not only because they are good for you, but because Dr. Jeudi explains in detail about their vitamin and mineral content and why the body needs specific nutrients to perform at its optimal level. Dr. Jeudi is very concise in describing the body’s processes to turn food into energy and why the body has difficulty functioning when it is fed the wrong kind of food. Yes, there are plenty of health books out there, but Dr. Jeudi’s is laid out with such easy to understand and find information that you will keep referring back to it again and again. She also provides simple recipes to help you keep your family healthy, and she gives practical tips for you to stay in shape.

What most shines through in this book is how Dr. Jeudi truly cares about people’s health and wellbeing. Through the ordeal she endured for several years of seeing her son suffer and being unable to help him, she became an advocate for understanding the value of nutrition and what people can do to eliminate toxins from harming their bodies. The section on spinal care is especially informative, providing a history of chiropractic, explanations of its value, and testimonials from her patients both to the excellent care they received from her as well as her caring manner. Here is just part of one of those testimonials from a woman who was suffering from ulcers and finding no relief from the medication her doctor gave her:

I sought out a second opinion and Dr. Jeudi was my last stop. Somehow, for some unbelievable reason, chiropractic adjustments have helped to cure my gastritis and ulcers! Yes! I know, it’s hard to see the correlation between spinal adjustments and ulcers, but that’s what happened. On top of chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Jeudi informed me about nutritional supplements and ways I could benefit from them. I threw away all of my medications even though my mom thought I was crazy, and I think even my family doctor was surprised when I told him my medical condition was gone. Dr. Jeudi genuinely took my health into consideration and patiently educated me on my health. What I learned has stayed with me ever since. I am grateful to have found her.

If you are not yet convinced to read “Enhancing Your Life Now,” perhaps it’s because you are afraid of change, even though you know it is for the better. Dr. Jeudi addresses that fear and the need for change. She also encourages us to take a leadership role in our own health and in that of our community. She notes the alarming statistics of how unhealthy Americans are and how health problems are bankrupting us. She encourages us to do something now before it is too late to rectify the situation:

Don’t wait until the president or Congress or anyone else passes a healthcare bill. Don’t wait until you are diagnosed with a terminally ill condition. Don’t wait until someone in your family is taken away from you by illness. Don’t wait until the healthcare bills become law because that could be three or four years down the road. Start now. Start to create a healthy body for yourself today so you can enjoy your life tomorrow and for many years to come.

Dr. Jeudi has made me think twice about what I put in my body. She has taught me about the value of exercise, not only to look good but to remove toxins from my body, and she has provided additional information about how exercise works directly to improve health. While I might not go so far as some of her chiropractic clients in calling her an angel, I say bless Dr. Jeudi for her caring attitude and may her leadership example inspire us all.

For more information about Dr. Jeudi Boulom and “Enhancing Your Life Now,” visit

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of the award-winning Narrow Lives


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