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March 13, 2008

Channeling and Working with Angel Cards
Marjetka Novak

Angel cards are not as well known in the United States as tarot cards or psychic hotlines, yet Marjetka Novak knows a great deal about the healing powers of Angel cards, and how they can bring direction to a person’s life. Already popular in Europe, Marjetka Novak is now bringing her Angel cards to the United States along with the publication in English of her course book “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards.”

Marjetka Novak is well known in Slovenia, Italy, and England for her workshops about Angels and how to channel Angels using Angel cards to bring you guidance. Marjetka was born in 1955 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is a manager of Center Sospita Rea Silvia, k.d. As a trained therapeutic healer with seventeen years of experience in the area of alternative medicine, she runs many workshops on channeling, Angel therapy and energy. With different techniques and a high level of innate intuition, she is awakening her participants’ healing abilities and supporting them in attaining positive changes in their lives. She is fully devoted to her work and feels obligated continually to develop herself both personally and spiritually.

American readers will welcome Marjetka’s knowledge of Angels, how to communicate with them and how to channel energy for healing. Besides reading “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards,” readers will want to get a set of her colorful Angel cards to use for meditation, ask Angels for advice, and perform Angel card readings for others. The cards have elegant illustrations of different Angels such as the “Angel of Inner Worth” and the “Angel of Manifestation” and they provide affirmations and advice when we ask a question of the Angels.

Anyone interested in Angels will enjoy reading “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards.” Several processes of meditation are provided in the book, leading the reader through prayers and processes to communicate with Angels. In addition, Marjetka discusses how to care for Angel cards and how to prepare oneself properly for reading them.

Beyond just Angel cards, Marjetka Novak provides a great deal of information about channeling and the definitions of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and intuition. Marjetka discusses how people channel on different levels, explaining that a person’s abilities will determine how much information and what level of information he is able to channel. She says everyone has psychic potential available to them and Angel cards can help awaken that potential. While some may be sceptical, the amount of detail she includes provides credibility.

As an added bonus, Marjetka has included a section on using Angelic crystals from “Angel crystal—Skeleton quartz” by Marijan Turnšek. The reader is warned about the power of Angelic crystals and how they will reveal truths about people, especially faults and weaknesses, but these revelations allow people the opportunity for self-improvement. Many details are provided about crystals, how to apply them to the body, and how they can be used to assist in meditation. Marijan states: “Angelic crystals have the special power of healing people who repress their feelings or are emotionally oversensitive. When we learn to express our feelings the same moment we are aware of them, we are free from their burden and can attain an open heart and light spirit.”

“Channeling and Working with Angel Cards” is a perfect book for anyone interested in Angels, anyone interested in spirituality, and for people seeking direction in life. Marjetka warns us Angels cannot tell us the future because we have Free Will, but Angels will give us information to guide us toward opening our hearts and living life fully wisely. I hope Marjetka will soon have more of her books translated into English to educate us further about Angels. More information about her work can be found at Marjetka Novak’s Angel Cards are available on and her book “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards” will also soon be available there.

- Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of The Marquette Trilogy

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