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I highly recommend SBP. I am a first time author who self-published my book. Working with both Tyler and Larry was an incredible experience. They took the lead and brought my manuscript  to life. This was a huge process involving editing, interior book layout, creating a cover, building my website, loading all my files for the e-book, hard cover and paperback. The end result was nothing but incredible! I could not have done this without them. The timing of getting things done was right on schedule and the work was superb!

— Alan Charles author of Walking Out the Other Side - An Addict's Journey from Loneliness to Life -


I had the good fortune to hire Tyler Tichelaar as my editor for my book. Tyler guided me in transforming a bundle of thoughts into a flowing readable book. He is an alchemist with words. He is a fun and enjoyable person to work with. He is skilled in taking difficult concepts and presenting them in a flowing, understandable format. Tyler’s speed and accuracy are remarkable, and he keeps the project moving forward. Tyler is generous with his time and guided me in every aspect of the book. His generosity was also apparent in making his brilliant services affordable. Tyler is a literary genius and adds a golden dimension that is seamlessly woven into his work. I am so grateful to him for the magic he performed in editing my book.
— Fredrick Swaroop Honig, author of The Unitive Field: The Union of Science and Spirituality

I had no idea how much I was getting when I brought my book to Tyler Tichelaar! Within twenty-four hours, I felt like he was my personal friend, who truly cared about MY BOOK! He is a magician when it comes to editing.... His services didn’t stop once my book was published (in fact they still haven’t!). When I think about the time he spent (still spends) with me…and the speed at which he responds, I can’t fathom that he has other clients!
— Carol Paul, author of Team Clean: The Ultimate Family Clean-Up-the-House Formula!

I just published my first book and couldn't have done it without Tyler. His turnaround time is fast, price is very reasonable, and most importantly, he cares. It is one thing to get the grammar and punctuation right. It is an entirely different thing to analyze and give valuable feedback on the content, flow and humor. I was worried that he would get frustrated by my repetitive questions (i.e. what if we....). He did not. He made me feel like his only client although I know that he had a long line of projects waiting for him.
— Jeremy Kisner, CFP, CRPS, President, SureVest Capital Management, author of A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You...

Tyler Tichelaar’s inherent love of literature and his acumen at writing, as evidenced in his own excellent novels, has been vital in my development as a novice author. I had no idea the caliber of professional I was honored to meet when I signed on with Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. Tyler’s wealth of knowledge of the industry and the business of self-publishing is also phenomenal, so he will always be my go-to man for whatever questions I have as a business person. He has surely found his calling; I am glad I have found him!
— Mary Flinn, author of The One, Second Time’s a Charm, and Three Gifts

Tyler's proofreading for my quarterly publication is very thorough, prompt, and shows his mastery of the craft of writing. It has brought the quality of my magazine to a whole new level.
— Roslyn McGrath, Publisher, Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine

With an impressive knowledge of the English language, evidenced in his novels, Tichelaar is definitely top-notch. I ended up incorporating all his suggestions for revision, and feel my book has profited even more tremendously as a result.
— Devin Dugan, author of Third


Tyler Tichelaar’s book reviews will make a writer weep with appreciation.... Tyler’s depth of insight and description of a story can bring it to life in a way that entices the reader without revealing too much. His reviews are worth their weight in gold.
— Mary Flinn, author of The One, Second Time’s a Charm, and Three Gifts

Wow! What an amazing service you provide! Your book reviews are a great investment and anyone who wants to become a best-seller should use your service.
— Patrick Snow, international best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

Superior Book Productions provides fast, incisive, and authentic reviews. I am indebted to the depth and acumen of Dr. Tichelaar's editorial skills.
— Victor R. Volkman, Owner, Loving Healing Press

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent review that Tyler R. Tichelaar gave my first book Harvey the Great Lakes Whale. Mr. Tichelaar not only gave an extremely accurate and honest description of the story, but also an outstanding opinion of the book. After reading his review, I felt as though I should run quickly to the bookstore and buy my own book.
— William George Nelson, author of Harvey the Great Lakes Whale

Tyler R. Tichelaar's review for our featured novel Rapunzel's Window is a scholarly piece of writing that shows how comfortable Tichelaar is with the genre and content. His comments, while specific, cover the novel’s thrust and intentions nicely, offering the reader a perspective that is unique.
— Cheryl Lanning, author of Rapunzel's Window

Tyler R. Tichelaar, with a Ph.D. in English, brings a high degree of credibility to his written reviews. More important, however, is his insight, his depth of writing, his talent to persuade. All reviewers can praise a book, but only the best can do so convincingly.... In the field of reviewers, Tichelaar ranks way, way up there. Definitely five stars!
— Gary Shoup, author of Suma the Elephant

Dr. Tichelaar read my book thoroughly, and extracted the plot, themes, character qualities, and character relationships precisely. His review demonstrated his extensive knowledge of literature and writing, and he gave enough details of the story to entice the reader to find out more without revealing the climax.
— Farral Bradtke, author of Heartless Heartland

Tyler took a keen interest in my novel Ojisan Zanoni and was kind enough to write a comprehensive review. The review was very carefully written, showing not only that he had read the book thoroughly, but also that he had a specialized knowledge and interest in its subject matter.
— Michael Willey, author of Ojisan Zanoni


Superb craftsmanship! A resounding "Yes," to the beautiful layout and design of the cover, text, and pictures of my book. I am exhilarated with the outcome! I am completely satisfied with Larry Alexander's service and would recommend him to any author.
Marianne Campagna, author of Reflections from Gavea

When Larry did the design and layout for My Marquette, I was impressed by his ability to know the best arrangements for placing the graphics so they had the best visual effect. Even more impressive was his ability to take my often mediocre photographs and crop, photoshop, or zoom in on them to create a truly artistic work. He was patient and organized throughout—not an easy task with over 300 photographs to place. His personal time and attention and pride in his work resulted in a final product that brought tears to my eyes as I saw the book I had envisioned not only become reality but looking far better than I had initially imagined.
— Tyler R. Tichelaar, author of My Marquette

Larry, I just received the printed copies of my book. They look great. I can't tell you enough what a great job you did on the layout and design. You hit the nail on the head. As a novice, I appreciate all you did to guide me through this process. Again, thanks, will see you again in the future.
— Guy Forstrom, author of Camping in Cloverland with Henry Ford


I am thrilled to partner with Larry Alexander for website services. For years, I have relied on Larry to design, update, and optimize my websites so they have the best look, are clear and concise, easy to maneuver, and generate the best SEO results. He has now designed four separate websites for me, and who knows how many times I may be a repeat customer.
Tyler R. Tichelaar, owner of,,, and

Larry Alexander created the website for my book with artistic sensibility and technical know how. The result is pages with stunning visual appeal and essential content that showcases my book and invites the reader to buy it. I definitely recommend him as your webmaster!
— Marianne Campagna, author of Reflections from Gavea


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