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Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone. Summer may be just about over, but we can all be thankful that the writing of great books never ends.

This newsletter, as always, is a celebration of new books and new authors, many of them independently published, so I’d like to draw attention to an upcoming event this fall, Indie Author Day. This is the first annual Indie Author Day and book lovers everywhere are celebrating it. You can visit the national event’s page at: Nearly 300 libraries across the United States and many other publishers and authors’ organizations will be participating.

That includes yours truly. I’ll be part of the Indie Author Day event at Peter White Public Library in Marquette on Saturday, October 8th from 10:30-3:30. The day will include a book fair, panels by different Upper Michigan authors on a variety of topics from mystery to history writing, and a broadcast of the live national event at 2 p.m.

Did you know that over half of all books today are now independently published? So come out and support your independent authors.

This Month’s Great Book Quote:

“Again, I must say, above all things—especially to young people writing: For the love of God don’t condescend! Don’t assume the attitude of saying, ‘See how clever I am, and what fun everybody else is!’ Take any shape but that.”

— Charles Dickens

Vanished Sisters by Mark GoodmanMark Goodman, a forensic professor, has never forgotten the magical place of his childhood that he thinks of as Camelot. The North Carolina mountain community where he and his sister Anne spent their summers with his grandparents holds such a special place in his heart that when Anne tells him a piece of property is for sale in the area, he and his wife Carrie go to look it over, thinking they might buy it for a summer home.

The property had belonged to the elderly Hawkins’ sisters, whom Mark had grown up calling Aunt Eva and Aunt Ida. The sisters had mysteriously disappeared a few years back, and eventually, the property went on the real estate market. Mark can’t imagine a better place to spend relaxing summers with his family, but that thought is quickly shattered when a bullet rings out as the Goodmans are looking at the property and Mark is nearly shot.

To read more, visit Vanished Sisters.

Remarrying Right by Susan OrtolanoYes, tons of relationship books are out there, but I would question whether any of them are as valuable as relationship coach Susan Ortolano’s new book Remarrying Right. If you’re like me, you probably know lots of people who have gotten married, gotten divorced, then remarried, gotten divorced again, and then gotten married again. You might even be one of those people. What can you do to stop this vicious cycle? You can learn how to remarry right, and this book will help you—in fact, if you are seeking a permanent and meaningful relationship, it may be the most important book you ever read.

Susan Ortolano is a longtime relationship coach who knows what it’s like to make mistakes in relationships, to pick the wrong partner, and finally, to pick the right one. Yes, she is divorced and remarried, but her second husband is her longtime love, so she writes and coaches based upon personal experience, as well as drawing on fictionalized examples from the many clients she has helped over the years to establish happy and loving marriages.

To read more, visit Remarrying Right.

As Wild as It Gets Duke’s Secret Sustainable Seafood Recipe by Duke Moscrip and Chef Wild Bill RannigerIf you’re a seafood aficionado, you’ve likely heard of Duke’s Chowder House—one of, if not the, most popular seafood restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it’s so popular it’s grown into a chain of six restaurants. And now its owner Duke Moscrip and Chef “Wild Bill Ranniger” have written a new book, As Wild as It Gets: Duke’s Secret Sustainable Seafood Recipes, to bring their mouth-watering treats to a wider public.

Duke Moscrip has been delighting food lovers with his amazing meals for decades. And for years, customers have asked for his recipes. Now, he’s finally ready to reveal them all—whether it’s Duke’s Coltrane Coleslaw, multiple ideas for salmon or halibut, appetizers, dessert, or cocktails, Hanky Panky Prawns, or “I Want You So Bad” Marionberry Pie, you will find whatever tickles your taste buds in these pages.

But don’t stop there—As Wild as It Gets is far more than just another recipe book. It’s a chronicle of a Seattle institution.

To read more, visit As Wild as It Gets

Living in Total Health by Glen AlexGlen Alex has spent her life advocating for better health for people, and now, in her new book, Living in Total Health, she offers a balanced and sometimes surprising journey into what it means to be healthy, wealthy, and wise—or what has become popularly known in the health and wellness community as “wellth.” Glen defines this new term as “the sum total of the richness and wellbeing found in good health. Wellth means being wealthy in health—that one has met certain physical diagnostic ranges and has a meaningful or joyful life. Balance.”

That balance is evident in this book because it’s not just solely about exercise or nutrition. Instead, Glen divides the book into three sections: Physical Wellth, Emotional Wellth, and Mental Wellth. Then each section is broken up into four chapters, including “Moving Your Body” (Physical Wellth), “Being Present” (Emotional Wellth), and “Stressing Less” (Mental Wellth). Each section and chapter is filled with discussion, personal stories to illustrate Glen’s points, and exercises for the reader to become more aware of and practice the topic at hand.

To read more, visit Living in Total Health

Walking Through Your Walls by Lynda LampI love the visionary title of Lynda Lamp’s new book Walking Through Your Walls. Who wouldn’t want to be able to walk through walls? Lynda Lamp has some ideas that may seem a bit strange to some, but she believes in the metaphysical possibilities that can transcend our reality when we raise our vibrations, when we live to the fullness of whom we can be, and we learn to liberate ourselves from what holds us back, rather than settling for what is and devolving into our brutal, warlike behavior that has marked so much of humanity’s past, We need more people who are willing, as Don Quixote said, “to see life not as it is but as it should be.” Lamp is one of those people.

Lamp wants a better world. Don’t we all? And she begins this remarkable book with a quote from Einstein that tells us “Never lose a holy curiosity.” Too often, religion has been used to limit people, to confine them rather than free them, but Einstein has it right. Curiosity is holy, and so, why shouldn’t we strive to be all that our creator created us to be? And Lamp wants to show us precisely how to do that.

To read more, visit Walking Through Your Walls

Can I Kiss You? A Thought-Provoking Look at Relationships, Intimacy & Sexual Assault by Michael J. DomitrzCan I Kiss You? begins with a surprising title that asks a question seldom heard. Years ago, Mike Domitrz published a book titled May I Kiss You? but he has now come out with a new updated version of the book with a new title that makes it clear you need to ask for permission before attempting physical intimacy with others so you are sure the desire for intimacy is mutual. Few guys would think to ask a girl whether he could kiss her, but how many times have we seen movies where a kiss was unwanted and the woman ended up slapping the man’s face? I imagine that the number of unwanted kisses is vastly multiplied in real-life.

The problem is that too many of us rely on body language to determine whether a kiss or touch or even sex is desired by the other person. And worse, many of us cannot properly read body language.

Mike Domitrz understands this situation all too well. As a young man, he never would have asked a girl whether he could kiss her. But that all changed the day his sister was raped.

To read more, visit Can I Kiss You?

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